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What Is Retail Insurance?

What Is Retail Insurance?

We are finally beginning to feel a little lift in the economic state of Ireland; unemployment rates have reduced by 10% since 2012 and are rapidly declining. With that, comes a reopening of opportunity for new businesses to flourish in our growing economy. If you are looking to start a new business or are in the process – it is crucial you ensure you have retail insurance. So, what exactly is retail insurance, and what does it entail?

Since we started providing retail and commercial insurance our specialist team have been asked all sorts of questions and queries in relation to retail insurance. We are always very interested in questions posed as, although many of them are the same, the answers can vary a huge amount from business to business. This is because each and every business has completely different requirements for their specific situation. As a retail owner, you may have many questions about shop insurance for your specific business. Our expert team deal with retail insurance daily and are always delighted to help business owners with understanding retail insurance. After a brief meeting we thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of the most frequently asked retail insurance questions and their answers.

Buildings Cover

Buildings cover insurance is the most important aspect of your retail insurance. covers you for the estimated cost of your premises including removal of debris, professional fees etc. Buildings insurance covers you from all standard risks such as bad weather, water damage, vandalism and fire. You might be able to save money on your premium by estimating the re