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As every different shop or business will have different commercial insurance needs we will tailor a policy specifically for your business. We won’t charge you for any benefits you don’t need!

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  • Shop Insurance – Summary of Cover
  • Buildings Insurance
  • Contents, Fixtures & Fittings
  • Money Cover
  • Public, Product or Employers Liability
  • Business Interruption Cover
  • Treatment Risk Insurance
  • Other Types of Cover

Shop Insurance – Summary of Cover

Below is a brief summary of the main types of cover that most shops and brick and mortar businesses require. As one of Irelands leading commercial and business insurance experts we have a wealth of experience dealing with clients from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds. We will set the terms, conditions and limits of cover prior to putting you on cover. Most of our shop insurance packages are fully comprehensive and include all the standard perils such as fire, lightning, storm, flood, theft, liability and water damage. We have a number of other popular policy benefits we offer.

Buildings Insurance

Insurance cover for your building or premises is one of the most important aspects of shop insurance. We cover you for the estimated cost of rebuilding your shop including professional fees, removal of debris etc. Buildings insurance will cover you from all standard risks such as fire, storm, flood, malicious damage and water damage plus many others benefits including the cost of fire brigade charges and glass replacement cover. It is also worth noting that you should estimate rebuild costs instead of insuring your premises for its market value, this may lower your premium.

Contents, Stock, Fixtures & Fittings Insurance

We can provide cover for the contents of your shop or business. This can be applied to almost anything within your shop; stock, furniture, fixtures & fittings etc. This cover will again include all the standard perils cover such as fire, flood, theft and water damage. With a range of other benefits also available in terms of shop contents such as fire brigade charges, cover for neon signs or loss of goods whilst in transit.

Money Cover

We provide cover for the loss of cash, cheques, money orders and other types of currency which may be exchanged within your business. As the amount of cover for money will fluctuate drastically from business to business, we will give you the opportunity to specify the amount you need to cover for during business hours and the amount left in a safe or lockbox. These limits are dependent on the type of business and the security premises.

Public, Product or Employers Liability

With our shop insurance policies we usually offer public and/or employers liability as a standard with most policies. We can also assist our clients in arranging risk management programmes in order to minimise the possibility of a claim occurring. Having a strong risk management or health and safety structure in place can help keep people safe and lower your premium.

Business Interruption Cover

We provide business interruption cover with many of our policies. This type of insurance provides cover for you to stay afloat if you incur a significant loss from an incident specified within your policy. Business interruption cover also covers any losses to gross profit or revenue that you may incur as a result of a claim.

Treatment Risk Insurance

Treatment Risk Insurance is available upon request. It is typically used among beautician, hair salons other similar trades as they offer treatment facilities. It provides protection against third parties who allegedly claim injury from treatment received. It differs from standard Public Liability insurance as it specifically covers injuries obtained from treatment, which Public Liability does not.

Other Types of Cover

At Insure My Shop, we can provide you with a wide range of other cover types which are not included in standard policies. We can tailor your shop insurance to your specific needs. Some of these extra cover types include:

  • Glass Cover
  • Cover For Your Signage
  • Goods In Transit
  • Loss of Licence Cover
  • Seasonal Increases
  • Loss of Metered Water
  • Legal Expenses
  • Theft By Employee

Our team of commercial insurance experts are dedicated solely to providing shop or business insurance. They have a wealth of experience dealing with businesses and shops the length and breadth of the country as well across a wide range of industries. Our insurance specialists will be happy to advise you on what type of policy and specific cover types will be the best suited to your individual company needs.

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