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Public and Employers Liability Insurance

Public and Employers Liability Insurance2019-03-06T10:20:38+00:00

Public Liability Insurance

Do you own a business which physically engages with the public? You may be susceptible to third party injuries and claims. Pubic Liability Insurance is a must to protect your business.

If a third party injures themselves, is killed or has property damaged while on your premises, and it is a result of negligence on your part – you might be held accountable and end up having to pay out a large sum for compensation. To avoid any unnecessary sizeable pay-outs, you should ensure you have Public Liability Insurance.

Although you are not legally obliged to take out Public Liability Insurance, it is crucial to saving your company substantial funds in the event of a third-party claim. Public Liability Insurance covers you for the legal expenses incurred by the claims process and the cost of the compensation effectively and might also be advantageous for the future of your company.

Common Examples of Public Liability Claims

  • A spillage unaccompanied by a wet floor sign, which causes a member of the public to slip and injure themselves
  • A visitor tumbles over and injures themselves as a result of loose carpet or welcome mat
  • A third party injures themselves on broken glass which had not been cleared properly on your businesses premises
  • Poor lighting in your premises caus