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Look After The Pennies…

Look After The Pennies…

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. This old English proverb holds just as much meaning now in the Eurozone as it does in England. As a business owner you may be looking over your budgets from quarter to quarter or year to year and find yourself thinking, where did all the money go? Entrepreneurs that are new into the market and own a small businesses or more the more seasoned owners of larger businesses all have one thing in common. They all want to cut costs and save money in any way possible. The topic of small businesses and saving money is one that is often raised at business workshops and C-Suit meetings. For this reason we have pulled together six ways that small business owners can start saving money right now:

Shut Down Computers

Computer Shutting Down

Energy and electricity costs are always a major item each month. One simple way to save on electricity is simply to turn off computers when you leave work for the day or plan to be away from your desk/office for an extended period of time. You could even shut down your computer entirely, if you know that you will be in meetings all day. With advances in technology you could even consider installing software that will automatically shut down your computer when it sits idle for a pre-determined amount of time. Not only will this save you some money each month it will also help to prolong the life of your computers. For that reason it’s a win-win deal for those cost conscious business owners of both large and small businesses.

Trade Paper Towels for Automatic Hand Dryers 

Does your business burn through paper hand towels?  Why not consider moving to automatic hand dryers.  They have an initial cost investment, but pay off in the long run against the reoccurring cost of new paper towels.  Again with the advances in technology the newer models of automatic hand dryers are more energy efficient than the older ones so they use less electricity, and in turn less money.