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Policy Benefits

As well as our exceptional levels of cover and tailor made packages, there are a number of other benefits to taking out a policy with We have an expert team who can assist you in getting a superior customer service experience as well as a first rate price.

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  • No Claims Discounts
  • Tailor made shop insurance
  • Expert Claims Management
  • Irish based Company
  • Additional Benefits

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No Claims Discount and Good Risk Management

We offer a substantial discount to shop owners who have had no claims on their business. Similar to car insurance a no claims bonus applies to commercial or business insurance policies. We can also offer discounts in cases where a shop has a good risk management, health and safety or security protocol in place. The stronger the security system that a business has the more likely it is that insurers will be able to offer a lower premium.

Tailor Made Shop Insurance

We pride ourselves on understanding the individual insurance needs for every business can vastly change. Our expert shop insurance specialists will make sure you understand all of the benefits of your policy, without paying for any unnecessary extras. We will allow you to choose the limits you require for each section, or we will advise you should you be unsure. Our dedicated business insurance agents will help you iron out the finer details and build a policy that suits your needs.

Expert Claims Management Services

As your insurance partner, will assist you in whatever way we can. This includes being by your side should the unfortunate happen and you need to make a claim. Your dedicated account handler will assist you from the get go, as will our in house claims manager. Together they will advise you on how to proceed and what you should be aware of when making a claim.

Irish Based Company

Here at Insure My Shop, we pride ourselves on being a Wholly Irish Based Company. We have always employed locally sourced talent within our business as-well as supporting local businesses and the national economy alike. Another advantage of being based in Ireland is our capacity to work ourselves around you. We understand how time consuming it is to run a business, which is why we make it our mission to accommodate your needs in the most convenient fashion. Have some pressing questions about business insurance? Give us a call and we can meet you for a coffee to discuss your current or potential shop insurance policy.

Additional Policy Benefits

Wondering if we offer any additional benefits? Yes – we offer a wide range of additional benefits, some of which include but are not limited to;

  • Fire Brigade Charges
  • Glass Replacement Service
  • Seasonal Increases Insurance
  • Theft by Employee Insurance
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