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Top Tips To Reduce your Commercial Premium

Top Tips To Reduce your Commercial Premium

Owning and running a business can be expensive and time consuming at the best of times. So when things go from good to bad it can seem like the world is out to get you. With commercial insurance you can help reduce the stress and strains on you and your business if things take a turn for the worse.

The following are some top tips for getting a reduced premium while still maintaining the amount of cover you get.

NOTE: These are just some practical tips and following them does not guarantee a reduced premium.

Classify Your Business Correctly

Make sure you can classify your business correctly. For example if you own and run a small fruit and veg shop, do not classify yourself as a supermarket. This could affect your initial premium and any future premiums should a claim be made.

Repetitive or Irrelevant Coverage

Over time business change. With this change previous insurance cover that was need may now no longer