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Public Liability Insurance: Still Think You Don’t Need It?

Public Liability Insurance: Still Think You Don’t Need It?

Developments around health and safety in the workplace across the world are sparking fierce debate on the issue of employer responsibilities. These discussions are shaping the future for businesses all over the world, as companies get to grips with what they need to do to protect their profits and their staff against the dangers of illness and injury. Many are asking important questions, such as what is public liability insurance?

Thanks to public liability insurance, businesses have been well protected against the cost of insurance claims by employees who have been injured or taken ill in the work place. This type of insurance cover is very common in business and although it is not a legal requirement in Ireland most businesses purchase a purchase public liability Insurance to protect themselves from unforeseen events.

The harsh economic climate of recent years is taking its toll on all businesses, big and small, and everyone is making cut backs where they can. Unfortunately, it is often the ‘just in case something goes wrong’ purchases that come under close scrutiny when business owners are looking at where they can make quick and easy savings.

Those owners might look at their public liability insurance and see it as being ‘less-than-essential’, but they risk the long-term benefits for a short-term saving.

In 2011/2012, no less than 14 member clubs of the Donegal Gaelic Athletic Association failed to renew their property and public liability insurance.<