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Preventing Customer Theft

Preventing Customer Theft

A major problem for retailers of any kind is customer theft. Having goods stolen from your store can quickly make your business unprofitable and fail, resulting in you having to shut it down for good. As you know thieves will operate in different ways in order to get goods from a shop. A lot of people will say that this is where the Gardaí come in. In fact it is too late when the Gardaí get involved.

Garda Karl F. Heller the National Crime Prevention Unit Superintendent states the following on

“The Gardaí cannot fight crime alone without the support and cooperation of the community. Everybody has a role to play in attempting to prevent and reduce crime. I would encourage all members of the community to actively consider how they can contribute to this goal. These pages contain basic information which will help you to improve your own security, and reduce the fear of crime and the risk of it occurring. The information provided promotes a safer, more secure and pleasant environment to both enjoy, live and work in.”

The Gardaí also have a very useful document on Customer Theft and what you can do to prevent it happening to you and your business. You can download the document here.

Although you cannot get insurance against shoplifting you can insure your stock against theft by forcible or violent means. This means, if your shop is broken into and stock is stolen or a customer robs your store at gun point you can retrieve the value of the stock taken.

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